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Solo Traveller and Novelist

'For many years, I suppressed my passion and submitted to the pressures of society. But 8 years of teaching high school English wore away enthusiasm, confidence and ambition. I was stuck in a rut. Confined by systems and norms, life was meaningless, lacked purpose and fulfilment. I’d turned 31 and realised that I was simply existing, not living. Ambivalence was ruling. An ambitious goal of travelling the world was born. It seemed daunting and unachievable, but stubborn and determined, my mind was set. I quit my career, sold my flat and set off…'

5 years later, and life is transformed. Now, I am energised, empowered and, most importantly, happy. As a solo traveller and digital nomad, I work remotely. The world is my home.

Over this time, I have learnt lessons through mistakes and hindsight. I always meet people who want to travel, but lack the confidence or knowledge to convert their dream into a reality.

So, this year, I celebrate the release of my first book 'Plan Safe Travel Solo.'  Now, a book exists that helps you to plan your own trip safely.

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To read more about the remote work that allows me to be a digital nomad, visit my business website.

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